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Adhonays' Solomae Means Peace "Mae"

Sire: Adhonay's Wilson

Dam: Adhonay's' Josephine

Weight:27 pounds

Color: Apricot Red & Cream Markings

Coat: Fleece, non-shedding  

OFA Prelim Hips/Elbows: Good/Normal

OFA Eyes: Unaffected 

DNA Profile: Clear



Mae's energy adapts to whatever we are doing. Long hike? She's ready. Lazy day? Bring on the cuddles. She's a shadow who's always by her human mom's side. She's never had to have leash training, and just naturally trots along gently. She's always happy as long as she's provided the right amount of cuddles and hikes. She's rarely found anything worthy of a bark.  

Sire: High Country Paddington 

Dam: Jubilee Bristol

Color: Caramel Tuxedo

Coat: Soft, straight fleece, non-shedding

Weight: 25 lbs.   

OFA Prelim Hips/Elbows: Good/Normal

OFA Eyes: Unaffected 

DNA Profile: Clear




Oso has the softest coat. It's like he's made of silk. Most of his puppies get his straight coat. He melts into you given any chance with a deep pressure hug Labradoodles are famous for. He loves cuddling almost as much as hiking and playing with Mae & Willow. He's really fun to train because he's so intelligent and focused. He has higher energy than our girls, but is still what we would call a mellow dog. He's one of those dogs that makes us constantly laugh. He adds a little pizzazz to everything he does, and he knows it. 

Australian Labradoodle In Colorado

Sire: Yankee Doodle Abraham of Adhonay

Dam: Adhonay Constance

Coat: Solid 

Coat: fleece

Weight: 22

OFA Prelim Hips/Elbows: Good/Normal

OFA Eyes: Unaffected 

DNA Profile: Clear

Cardiac Passed Yes

Patella Passed Yes




Her favorite thing to do is hang out with Oso, followed closely by a walk around the garden and property while Mom does her morning chores. She has the most calming and healing personality, and she has a knack for knowing when someone is sad and needs an extra Willow hug.  She is a rockstar of a mom. You can tell she thoroughly enjoys her puppies and is even willing to jump in and help with puppies that aren't her own. When no puppies are around you can find her napping on a pillow or going on a hike. Don't let her little size fool you! She's known to walk a couple miles and still have pep in her step. 


Paws Beyond The Pines A Prayer For My Daughter

Australian Labradoodle In Colorado

Sire: Wagging Tail Oso

Dam: Adhonay Solomae

Coat: Solid with white markings

Coat: fleece

Weight: 30

height 18"

OFA Prelim Hips/Elbows: Good/Normal

OFA Eyes: Unaffected 

DNA Profile: 




Prairie is from Mae's first litter, and she couldn't be more of a Mae clone. She has the most even temperament we have ever seen in a dog. She loves other dogs, kids, and anyone she meets, but is also very calm and never overly excited. She loves hiking but not as much as taking a nap at mom's feet. She gets almost any command in one or two sessions and is happy to show off for anyone and everyone.  Her biggest negative is she's been known to nab a dishcloth/sock now and again but is always willing to give it back when asked!

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