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Our story starts when we met in College. By graduation we were married with a house full of foster puppies and a little baby girl. Flash forward thirteen years, the girl isn't so little, we still have a house full of dogs and puppies--but have also added two sons. 


We live on four acres of pristine land in the Colorado mountains that is secluded and breathtakingly beautiful. We love being able to hike right by our home with our dogs. We work from home so we are with our animals all the time, and couldn't be more grateful for our little piece of paradise. 


We breed Australian labradoodles because it's our passion and we believe they are the best family dogs. We started out with F1 labradoodles and fell in love with the breed and their temperament. Because we realized the need for non-shedding allergy friendly dogs we moved into Australian labradoodles.  We couldn't imagine not having our lives full of dogs, puppies, and families we have met a long the way. 

In all honesty, it can be a lot harder than most people would ever guess (if you're doing it right). 

Tears, a few heartbreaks, sleepless nights, hours of training, cleaning, saying goodbye to puppies we love, unforeseen and known expenses, and a lot of poop. A LOT of poop. 


So why do we keep doing it? 


The rewards of seeing our puppies grow up with their families and bring joy and completion to them. Being able to offer families with allergies a chance at owning a dog. Knowing that if we socialize, train, and love puppies early, they will develop into the best versions of themselves. The cuddles. The puppy kisses. Getting to see them grow up through photos over the years. Being constantly surrounded by dogs! The ability to watch, shape and love so many different personalities. 


But most importantly, we do this for the happy chaos that we call our big family! 

Our Story

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