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Why Us?

  • We are small and family operated. This allows all of our Australian Labradoodle puppies to receive daily and early socialization, training, and crate awareness. All of our puppies are raised in our home and well socialized. 

  • We offer a two year genetic health on all of our puppies. We can do this because we are confident in our thorough health testing on all of our parent dogs. 

  • We follow several proven puppy programs--Puppy Culture and Avidog--to ensure all of our puppies receive early neurological stimulation that will help them thrive as adults and be better prepared for training and stress management.

  • Our parent dogs are extensively health tested. Examples of that testing are: OFA health testing for eyes, hips, elbows, heart, patella and DNA testing. 

  • We are accredited by WALA. WALA is a breed club that ensures its members maintain the highest standards by mandating health testing and by keeping rigorous pedigree records.

  • Our dogs are non-shedding allergy friendly. Check out what that means here. 

  • We live on four acres of fenced land, and work from home, so all of our dogs receive constant attention and tons of space. 

  • We have 3 kids ages 1-12. All of our puppies go home well socialized with kids and other animals. 

  • We work closely with a veterinarian and a reproduction specialist to ensure all of our breeding dogs and puppies are healthy and happy.

  • We post videos of our program on Instagram to be open and transparent--and so everyone can see our cute puppies as they grow! 

  • We can provide references and reviews from families who have adopted our puppies. 

  • We always welcome people to come visit and meet us and our dogs when we don't have puppies

  • All of our puppies come home with a vet exam, micro-chipped, dewormed, with crate awareness, introduction to basic commands, and blanket/toys that smell like mom. 

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